4 Things to Know about Triple Net Lease Tenant Improvements

Triple net lease properties are rich in opportunity for both property owners and tenants alike. As an investor, you can create a reliable income stream from your property, and as a tenant you can establish a footprint for your business.

However, there are going to be expenses associated to maintaining your triple net property, from standard operating expenses to structural repairs to keep the building updated, safe, and profitable.

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Triple Net Lease Insurance: What’s Covered (and What’s Not)?

Insuring your triple net lease property is an important component of protecting your investment. While insurance is a known necessity for any type of property, there are some added complexities to commercial buildings that you need to understand so you can properly negotiate your tenant contracts and avoid the profit-stealing scenario of learning you’re not covered for something that’s happened to or on your property, only after the fact.

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What Should You Know about Commercial Lease Escalation Rates?

Commercial real estate contracts typically include detailed lease escalation clauses and rates that outline how and when increases to rent or operating costs will occur (and how both the property owner and the tenant are impacted as a result).

While the presence of lease escalations is very common in commercial agreements, there are many variables to how each escalation will work and what types of rate increases, or reductions will apply. It’s important to understand the different types of lease escalations and know exactly what each will ultimately mean for the profitability of your investment in the short- and long-term because some escalations take place annually, while others are every couple of years or at the beginning of a new lease term.

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What Is an Absolute NNN Ground Lease?

As an investor interested in commercial property for lease, you probably already understand some of the types of commercial lease opportunities available to you on existing buildings, such as triple net (NNN) leases and absolute NNN leases. However, there is another route you can consider when scoping out absolute NNN properties for sale, which can be more advantageous for conservative, long-term return investments: an absolute NNN ground lease.

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What Is an Absolute NNN Lease?

The kind of tenant agreement in place on a commercial property for lease is an important consideration for an investor. There are a variety of different lease options available on commercial properties, including gross, net, triple net, and absolute NNN leases, which all may have specifications or variations unique to that lease/lessor agreement. Read more

Net Lease vs Triple Net Lease: Your Guide to Single Tenant Investments

Net leases are becoming an increasingly attractive option for investors looking for a stable, hands-off investment property.

A quick refresher; a net lease requires tenants to pay for some property expenses the owner would typically cover. These added costs are in addition to their rent and may include things like utilities, maintenance, real estate taxes, and insurance.

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Net Lease vs Gross Lease: What’s the Difference?

As a commercial real estate owner or someone looking to invest in a commercial property, you want to develop a steady income stream that will make your investments profitable and worthwhile. A large part of your success will be dependent on the individuals or businesses you attract as renters for your property, and how you handle those relationships as part of your investment over the long-term. Read more

Single Net Lease Vs. Triple Net Lease: What’s The Difference?

When it comes to commercial property investing, potential property owners will often see properties with different net lease types. In 2015 alone, investment in the U.S. commercial real estate market surged by 85%. Net leases are the type of real estate lease that tenants use to pay additional expenses on top of their rent. Read more

triple net property investment

Is Investing In Triple Net Properties Right For Me?

Have you been considering a triple net property investment? With stock market volatility, low interest rates, and the slow recovery of the economy, demand for commercial real estate industry services has grown in recent years. In fact, the commercial real estate industry grew annually by 3.9% between 2012 and 2017. Read more

Triple Net Leasing 101

Triple Net Leasing 101

Get answers and insight from America’s fastest growing net lease company.

When savvy commercial real estate investors are looking for assets, they understand that not all lease agreements are created equally. And while a net lease is a popular choice, perhaps no lease agreement offers more benefits for property owners and investors than triple net leasing. In fact, many commercial real estate investors consider the triple net lease the most advantageous of investments. Read more