Best NNN Tenants

More and more savvy investors are choosing to add NNN properties to their portfolios. But, why are investors flocking to triple net investments?

Very broadly, NNN lease properties present a relatively low-risk, low-touch investment that provide consistent, dependable returns (with none of the extensive landlord duties that come along with other types of investment properties).

However, to find the best NNN investment opportunities that will bring you the full rewards and potential, you need to locate the properties with the most advantages and the best tenants.

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SIG Handles Smooth Transaction for Sought-After CVS Location in TX

SIG brokers handled a transaction for recurring developer client who wanted to break into a growing investment market, seeking a CVS NNN property for sale to add their portfolio.

Working with SIG brokers is the best way to leverage top listings, lending, and marketing efforts. In this deal, SIG co-brokers Elan Sieder and Adam Scherr were able to successfully find the right buyer for a sought-after drug store by leveraging their marketing techniques and extensive network of investors.

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