Paul Holder | AVTEX Commercial Properties

Unfortunately it is not often that one works with a group or individual in the real estate world of this time that possesses the combination business qualities of trustworthiness, hardworking, confidential, ability to listen, excellent performance, keen market knowledge (across the country), national Buyer and Seller relationships, brand recognition, and all around genuine person as one finds in Chris Sands. Chris and the team he has put together is second to no one nationally or locally in the service they provide, and particularly in the manner in which they provide their success.

One of my roles as Vice President of AVTEX Commercial Properties is the disposition of our income producing assets.  Within the many hats I wear on a daily basis, I have limited time to focus on our dispositions, but because of the qualities I stated above, I do not have to worry about the marketing efforts (and subsequent successes) when in the hands of Chris and SIG. Our firm develops retail products, anything from Power Centers including Walmart Supercenters to local/regional grocery anchored centers to single tenant gas stations or fast food restaurants, and with our development diversity I know we can trust Chris and SIG to meet our goals with any of our products.

Above all else Ivalue Chris’s character and his ability to uphold that character as he continues his success.  I look forward to many more fruitful years of working with Chris and his team at SIG.

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