Sonic | Seller

It was a real pleasure working with you guys. As I decided to put my investment property up for sale, I thought it best to engage a broker with the expertise in the net lease market. I also thought that their history and experience in that niche would provide them the access to the largest list of qualified buyers. Since this was a relatively small property; as a seller, I thought that most effective and efficient way to sell it, would be if a broker could to secure a potential buyer from their own personal contacts and past transactions.

I had contacted a few real estate brokers and SIG was immediately responsive. The follow up was great, with the second call from the two of you together. Which as I think about it; made a pretty strong impression on me since two people on the phone gave me the feeling this was important – even though it was a relatively small deal. Also, fantastic follow up with the initial draft marketing brochure you sent me and accepting any modifications to the broker agreement. Highly professional and impressive.

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