Net Lease vs Triple Net Lease: Your Guide to Single Tenant Investments

Net leases are becoming an increasingly attractive option for investors looking for a stable, hands-off investment property.

A quick refresher; a net lease requires tenants to pay for some property expenses the owner would typically cover. These added costs are in addition to their rent and may include things like utilities, maintenance, real estate taxes, and insurance.

In general, a net lease renter is going to be a single tenant of a free-standing building. So, this might include a bank, a fast food restaurant, or a store. Read more

Net Lease vs Gross Lease: What’s the Difference?

As a commercial real estate owner or someone looking to invest in a commercial property, you want to develop a steady income stream that will make your investments profitable and worthwhile. A large part of your success will be dependent on the individuals or businesses you attract as renters for your property, and how you handle those relationships as part of your investment over the long-term. Read more