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What is a Broker Opinion of Value and How Can BOVs Help Your Business Grow?

In commercial real estate, it can be hard to know the true value of a property. CRE can be challenging to navigate, especially when investors have a lot of properties, are in many industries, or have properties in a wide range of geographic areas. When an investor is looking to grow their portfolio by adding a new property or selling off one they currently hold, knowing the value going into any real estate transaction can be helpful to navigate the next steps an investor and their team have to take. Read more

modified gross lease

Modified Gross Lease Vs. Full Service Lease

Navigating commercial real estate listings and finding the best fit for your investment strategies can be quite challenging. Aside from price and cap rates, a key feature to consider is the type of lease that may already be in place on a property (which you’ll inherit as the new property owner). Lease types vary, and the unique details within each deal can differ significantly from one property to another.

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What is a QOZ (Qualified Opportunity Zone Property)?

There are many types of investors in this world. Some are very hands-on and know exactly what is happening with each investment. Others are less hands-on but still like to know a bit about how their investments are doing. Then, there are the passive investors. There is a place for each type of investor because every investment — from stocks to commercial real estate properties — needs investment funds to thrive. Every investor, no matter what type, has goals for their investment portfolio. For some, they just want to see growth. Others want to take advantage of as many opportunities and tax benefits as possible.

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