SIG Secures Big Box Store Buyer With Excellent Marketing and Extensive Network of Investors

SIG brokers handled a transaction for recurring developer client who wanted to acquire a big box property as part of their investment portfolio.

Working with SIG brokers is the best way to leverage top listings, lending, and marketing efforts. In this deal, SIG co-brokers Kaveh Ebrahimi, Chris Naylon, Zach Martin and Cory Haqq were able to successfully find the right buyer for a Walmart triple net lease by leveraging their marketing techniques and extensive network of investors.

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SIG Handles Deal on New Bank of America Property in Colorado

SIG broker handled a deal for an investor who wanted to acquire a local Bank of America property for their portfolio.

Working with SIG brokers is the best way to successfully diversify your investment portfolio. SIG broker Max Freedman successfully closed a deal on a Bank of America location in Centennial, Colorado.

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SIG Maximizes Sale Price on Church’s Fast Food Restaurant in Brownsville

SIG brokers handled a deal for private owner who wanted to sell a fast food restaurant in their portfolio.

Working with SIG brokers is the best way to maximize your sale price and find the perfect buyer through marketing and superb negotiation. Lead SIG broker Will Schuhmacher, along with Elan Sieder, successfully maximized the sale price for the property seller and negotiated an attractive triple net lease deal with the existing tenant that included an extension of their lease.  

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Why the STNL Train Keeps on Rolling

May 15, 2019:  SANTA MONICA, CA—An economic expansion approaching the longest in history means greater prosperity, of course, but it also means more investors have a ticket to the commercial real estate game, especially one like the single-tenant net lease (STNL) sector that offers many benefits and relatively easy entry. spoke to Chris Sands, founder & CEO of Sands Investment Group, a national real estate brokerage firm specializing in net lease properties, to discuss private net lease investors, deal volume and the 1031 exchange driver.

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What is a Double Net Lease?

Net lease real estate is rich in opportunity for both property owners (who can obtain a steady income steam on their investment) and the tenants (who occupy a space where they run their business). There are different variations of net lease deals, in which the tenant and the property owner will each have different financial responsibilities for the property. These various net lease deal types typically fall into one of three categories, which, in order of popularity, are: Triple Net (NNN) Lease, Double Net Lease, and Single Net Lease.

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SIG Handles Acquisition of Unique Portfolio Containing 2 Discount Retail Properties and 1 Big Box Location

SIG brokers handled a unique deal for a recurring client who wanted to add 2 discount/dollar stores and 1 big box properties to their portfolio (Five Below, HomeGoods, and Hobby Lobby, respectively) across 3 different transactions in the course of 6 weeks.

Working with SIG net lease brokers is the best way to maximize your investment portfolio, and they know how to navigate complex, multi-location transaction where timing is essential. Co-brokers Adam Scherr, Chris Sands, and Dan Hoogesteger successfully led one of SIG’s recurring clients through a multi-location portfolio acquisition involving 3 different locations that all closed within the same 6-week period.  

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4 Things to Know About Triple Net Rent

Triple net lease real estate is popular among investors who want to create a stable income stream from regular, triple net rent in their portfolio. Triple net leases typically offer such an opportunity by providing long-term earning potential without the obligations that typically come along with being a landlord, such as taxes, insurance, or maintenance on the building to keep it in top operational order.

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SIG Handles Unique Deal for Recurring Client on New Taco Cabana Property in Texas

SIG brokers handled a new loan for a recurring developer client who wanted to acquire a casual dining property as part of their investment portfolio, but the seller needed to wait 6 months to close on the deal for tax purposes.

When the goal is growing an investment portfolio with specific properties, you can’t trust a typical real estate agency to walk you through the process. SIG is a commercial real estate brokerage firm with a wealth of experience helping clients find, secure, and purchase properties to round out their investment portfolio.  

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