Modified Gross Lease

What is a Modified Gross Lease?

What is the difference between a triple net lease and a modified gross lease?

What is a Modified Gross Lease?

A modified gross lease can be best understood through comparison, as it represents a middle ground between a full-service gross lease and a triple net (NNN) lease.

Before signing an industrial, retail, or commercial lease agreement, it’s crucial to learn about complex lease terminology to understand and budget for the price you will be paying per square foot.

Leases are often gross, modified gross, or triple net, representing three methods in how costs are divided between tenant and property owner. The kind of lease is often determined by the type of building or the property’s location. It’s crucial to know the difference between these leases before signing a contract.  Read more

Understanding Sale Leasebacks in Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Some investors need unique ways to finance an investment. Conventional loans, bridge loans, Small Business Administration (SBA loans), and even some other alternatives that many investors aren’t even aware of. Some of these options are a great way for investors to diversify and grow their portfolio while getting rid of properties that may not serve them anymore but keep the businesses that do.  Read more

What You Need to Know About a Commercial Real Estate Appraisal

When you are looking to buy or sell a commercial property, there are many different steps and considerations you are making. You may be thinking about growing or diversifying your portfolio. You may be thinking of selling a property that no longer fits your goals or generates necessary income. You may have found your dream property to add to your portfolio. No matter what your goals are with the purchase or sale of a property, an appraisal will probably be necessary. Read more