SIG Handles Quick, Pre-Market Transaction on an Auto Parts Store For Sale in TN

SIG brokers handled the transaction on a Service King for sale in Columbia, TN, bringing in a buyer and securing the deal before the property officially hit the market.

Working with SIG net lease brokers is the best way to leverage top listings, lending, and marketing efforts. In this deal, lead SIG broker Matt Montagne, along with co-broker Tyler Ellinger, were able to successfully leverage SIG connections and bring in a buyer for an auto parts store property prior to it hitting the market.

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3 Reasons to Avoid NNN For Sale by Owner Properties

As an investor you’re keen on finding the best investment, and to find that perfect deal you need to locate a property whose price fits into your goals. NNN for sale by owner listings can be tempting when you’re looking for a high return investment, and in some aspects of real estate can be great deals without all the fees that come along with working with a realty or investment advisory. If you’re dealing in cash, you can often get prices even lower and close faster dealing directly with an owner.

However, when it comes to triple net properties, the market and the variance in the lease deals in place on a property can present some unique intricacies that are hard to navigate (or easier to miss) when working the for sale by owner route.

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