SIG Secures Big Box Store Buyer With Excellent Marketing and Extensive Network of Investors

SIG brokers handled a transaction for recurring developer client who wanted to acquire a big box property as part of their investment portfolio.

Working with SIG brokers is the best way to leverage top listings, lending, and marketing efforts. In this deal, SIG co-brokers Kaveh Ebrahimi, Chris Naylon, Zach Martin and Cory Haqq were able to successfully find the right buyer for a Walmart triple net lease by leveraging their marketing techniques and extensive network of investors.

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SIG Handles New Loan for Recurring Client on Triple Net Big Box Retail Location in South Carolina

SIG brokers handled a new deal and loan for a recurring client by helping the developer secure financing quickly to compete successfully for a sought-after, big box retail location in South Carolina.

Working with SIG brokers is the best way for developers to acquire the highly sought-after, big box locations they want to add to their investment portfolios. Lead SIG broker Dan Hoogesteger, along with co-brokers, Andrew Chana and Chris Sands, successfully led one of SIG’s recurring clients through an acquisition of a big box retail location, up against multiple bids.

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