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Why You Should Consider a Childcare Asset for Your Next Net Lease Investment

In 2021, childcare assets are a product type to watch for commercial real estate investment opportunities. These assets are ideal additions to a net lease portfolio that provide long-term benefits and witness current growth as the industry bounces back from the COVID-19 pandemic. Childcare assets commonly provide long-term leases, corporate tenants with valuable reputations, strong operators, and—perhaps most importantly—owners who are highly committed to their businesses. These owners are passionate about their programs as they genuinely want to see children receive a quality education and care at their facilities.

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SIG Overcomes Site Issues and Brings in More Than 12 Offers on Childcare Center in NC

SIG brokers were able to bring in more than 12 offers on a childcare center in Cary, North Carolina, overcoming environmental site issues and low enrollment with buyer education and marketing.

Working with SIG brokers is the best way to leverage top listings, lending, and marketing efforts. In this deal, lead SIG broker Chris Sands, along with co-broker Andrew Ackerman, was able to successfully communicate the strength of the deal and bring in 12 offers on a childcare property, in spite of flooding issues at the site and low enrollment in the center.

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