What to Know About Investing in a Taco Bell For Sale

Triple net properties, or NNN properties, are an attractive real estate option for investors looking to expand their portfolios with a variety of property types. NNN leases can be applied to properties like retail, dining, offices, or industrial space. This means that acquiring NNN properties can truly diversify a portfolio with lower risks than other properties. When considering which types of properties to invest in for triple net leases, investors should consider fast food restaurants, such as Taco Bell.

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SIG Handles Transaction on Burger King For Sale in Manning, SC

SIG brokers handled the transaction on a Burger King location in SC, successfully negotiating between the buyer and franchisee for a quick close.

Working with SIG brokers is the best way to leverage top net lease listings, lending, and marketing efforts. In this deal, SIG lead broker Doug Roland, along with co-brokers Max Freedman, Amanda Reeves and Matson Kane, handled the transaction for a Burger King property in South Carolina and negotiated successfully with the buyer and franchisee for a quick close.

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