Becoming a Truly Data-Driven Organization in Commercial Real Estate

Ryan Passe, VP of Operations at Sands Investment Group (SIG), talks commercial real estate and how to distill big data into tangible, useful metrics to drive business decisions.

Our industry is at a crossroads. The time when brokers could lean on gut feelings to get the best deal is gone. Today, if you’re not paying attention to the numbers, you’re losing money. With so many commercial real estate data sources available, how do you make sense of it all? The data provides hints, not answers, and when brought together with context and conversation it can fuel actionable insights that translate into powerful changes for the commercial real estate market. The key is asking the right questions.

SIG is hard at work building a data-driven company from the top down. Our internal Operations Team creates dashboards and disseminates content full of actionable real estate market data on a daily basis. It’s not just data for information’s sake, however. It’s part of a “data conversation” among teammates working together to unpack what it means and how it applies. And, of course, we continue to make improvements and redefine success as we learn more. 

This comprehensive view of the data is allowing us to help not only our brokers, but our clients as well. We are able to proactively find potential matches, more quickly pairing buyers with sellers. We can price deals and understand capital flows in real time. Inventory levels, credit risks, and effects on valuation are all at our fingertips. Altogether, that’s empowering our teams to find opportunity in the market, make quicker decisions, and embrace new technology in a world that is mostly reliant on gut feel.

Listen to our own Ryan Passe, VP of Operations, talk about commercial real estate and how to distill big data into tangible, useful metrics to drive business decisions in a recent podcast with CFO Weekly.

Technology is affecting every aspect of our business and the tipping point is here. The gap is growing between those who adopt technology and those who don’t. You can stand still, or like SIG, you can move further and further ahead. Particularly now, during a pandemic, it’s important to know what is going on and the data helps tell some of that story.

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