Ethan Offenbecher Named Winner of Highly Coveted GlobeSt Influencer in Retail Real Estate Award


May 1, 2023 – Austin TX | Ethan Offenbecher, a well-known figure in the world of retail real estate, has been named the winner of the GlobeSt Influencer in Retail Real Estate award.

broker ethan offenbecherThe award, which recognizes the most influential people in the retail real estate industry, is highly coveted and is given only to top producers. Ethan Offenbecher has been recognized for his extensive knowledge, innovative thinking, and contributions to the industry.

Ethan Offenbecher is a seasoned real estate professional with over 15 years of experience in the field. He has worked with some of the top real estate firms in the country and has a deep understanding of the retail real estate landscape. He is highly respected for his ability to identify emerging trends and for his insights into the market.

“I am truly honored to receive this award,” said Ethan Offenbecher. “Retail real estate is an exciting and dynamic industry, and I feel fortunate to be able to contribute to it in a meaningful way. I am grateful to GlobeSt for recognizing my work and for the opportunity to continue to make a positive impact in the field.

The GlobeSt Influencer in Retail Real Estate award is presented annually to individuals who have made significant contributions to the industry. The winners are chosen by a panel of experts in the field, and the award is highly respected throughout the industry.

“Ethan Offenbecher is a true leader in the retail real estate industry,” said a representative from Sands Investment Group. “He has demonstrated exceptional knowledge, creativity, and innovation, and has made a significant impact on the industry. We are proud he has been honored with this award and look forward to seeing his continued success.”

Ethan Offenbecher’s commitment to excellence and his dedication to the industry have earned him this well-deserved recognition. He is a true influencer in retail real estate and is poised to continue making an impact in the field for years to come.

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