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We are excited to announce that Elan Sieder, Net Lease Advisor at Sands Investment Group, has been recognized as a Net Lease Influencer by industry news leader, Nominated by peers and highly regarded by clients, Elan Sieder works to find new ways to be creative and stay ahead of the curve. He continuously looks for ways to add value for his clients and aims to think of the business as a whole, instead of the more traditional way of looking at each transaction individually.

Please join us in congratulating Elan Sieder on this well-deserved recognition!

Retail Influencers 2021

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This year, GlobeSt. collected nominations and selected top candidates from across the net lease space. These professionals and companies not only survived, but thrived in the dynamic, challenging environment of the past year. These Influencers succeeded in the net lease sector through targeted, meticulous trend-tracking, implemented services, entrepreneurial approaches and streamlined innovations. Effecting change through their vast successes and contributions, these professionals have shaped the net lease real estate scene into a growing marketplace and an integral sector.

Deserving of special recognition, these chosen Influencers will be honored at the Net Lease Conference in Los Angeles, CA. The Influencers in Net Lease Real Estate will additionally be profiled in the September issue of GlobeSt. Real Estate Forum and on

The top professionals in the net lease real estate field for 2021 are as follows:

ELAN SIEDER, Sands Investment Group

At Sands Investment Group, Elan Sieder’s primary role is to manage relationships. Every day, he works to assist operators in expanding across the country. When overseeing his team, Elan helps them understand who they should be targeting as a whole to bring in new and bigger business opportunities. His whole job comes down to developing long term relationships that will benefit both the broker and the client in creating business opportunities for growth.

Elan works to find new ways to be creative and stay ahead of the curve. He continuously looks for ways to add value for his clients and aims to think of the business as a whole, instead of the more traditional way of looking at each transaction individually. Elan believes that bringing this view of the entire business to a transaction benefits clients, because they can work with a partner who understands their goals and how this piece is just one of a larger picture. By thinking creatively in this way, he can ensure that the client’s goal is being met and he is bringing additional value to each project.

As Elan Sieder works to incorporate creativity into finding the right opportunities, he has taken the challenges that the pandemic presented to a lot of industries and found new ways to do business. So many industries that Elan’s clients work in took a big hit, but there can be a substantial upside in these spaces as things are resuming. There was a great opportunity in the midst of the pandemic to merge groups or acquire, and Elan took that opportunity to help the people he works with grow unit counts. The team has been able to help numerous clients, like one who had less than 25 units and grew that to 75. Helping clients like this catapult their business and get into a position for sustainable growth is key for their team’s success.

One area of focus for Elan is the early childhood education space, and his team has placed focus on this area over the past several years. This year in particular, with so many schools, childcare centers and preschools closed due to COVID-19, the need for these spaces has become ever more apparent. Elan’s team has a longer term vision for helping early childhood education centers get back up and supporting their community. By working to creatively find solutions to help those struggling right now, the team sees great opportunity for this sector, as parents with young kids trying to balance childcare, homeschool, and remote work responsibilities are ready for these spaces again.

Elan Sieder credits all of his accomplishments in terms of transactions and deals to his ability to relate to people at a high level. By creating relationships, both at work and in his personal life, he has been able to develop a support system that is there for highs and lows. By developing a team at work of people with a similar mindset, his team has been able to grow their deal volume, closed transactions, and exciting new projects over the last several years, despite the challenges the pandemic and economic recession brought.

Outside of the office, just like at work, Elan Sieder is passionate about children’s growth and overall wellness. Just like he dedicates time at work to helping clients in the early childhood education sphere, he spends time outside of work giving back to his community through food banks and local organizations that benefit the well-being of youth and people in his community. Giving back is very important to Elan, and he believes having a purpose through community service helps to ensure families in his area have what they need to thrive.

About SIG: Sands Investment Group is the fastest growing net lease investment company in America, with over 2,500 transactions in 48 states (to the tune of $5.4 Billion) since 2010. Our company is comprised of distinguished experts in the space who fully understand the advantages of net lease real estate and can advise you on how your net lease deals should be structured. Our client-focused approach and marketing expertise are just a few of the ways we’re leading the net lease industry.

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